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Commitment, quality and flexibility

These are the main language pairs I work with:

English > Spanish
                                              Spanish > English (sworn translations only)
Dutch > Spanish
Catalan > Spanish

If you need translation services in other languages, I may also be able to help you find the best solution for you. Request your free quote here now.

After years of experience working as an in-house and a freelance translator I can provide your company or you as an individual with the translation services you need within a wide variety of areas.

  • Legal, financial and sworn translation: included but not limited to agreements, orders, rulings, notary deeds, articles of association, by-laws, documents, certificates and files from companies and property registries, marriage, death and birth registries, stock options, patents, auditor’s reports, financial statements, insurance policies, market research. 
  • Technical and scientific translation: papers, certifications, data sheets and reviews from the sanitary, health and pharmaceutical fields, operating instructions of electrical appliances and industrial machinery, among others.
  • Translation/editing of business, marketing and advertising materials.
  • Academic translation: degrees, certificates, diplomas and transcript of records.
  • Translation of web pages.

Sworn Translator
As appointed (2006) by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I am able to do your sworn translations both from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. If you need a sworn translation in another language pair, I would be pleased to help you find the best solution.

For more information on sworn translation, please click here.

Other services
- Text proofreading/editing
- Subtitling
- Liaison interpreting (English)
- Transcription of audiovisual materials

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